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If you would like to take an existing class or customize your own class, give us a call!  Your class could last a semester, school year, or it could be a seminar lasting just one week.  It's flexible according to your interests, schedule, and academic goals. 

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How do Aurea Academy classes work?

You can get help with several subjects:  Latin, English, History...and all things Grammar and Writing related.   For example, you need help writing a research paper, writing an important essay, studying for a History or Latin final, or help to better understand what you're learning in class.     

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What can I get tutoring help with?
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How many sessions do I need to prepare for the SAT/ACT?

Excellent question!  Rachel Hassan has been teaching History, English and Latin for 15 years.   She was once a Master Tutor for the Princeton Review. For the past decade she has helped prepare countless students for the SAT and ACT.  She has a BA in Classics from UC Irvine and  a BA in Communication Studies from CSU Sacramento.  She also studied for one unforgettable  semester in Rome.  Rachel is in the process of completing her MA in Education.   Most importantly, Rachel loves helping students learn and inspiring them to reach their goals!

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Who will be my tutor?

We highly recommend between 5-8 sessions, depending on your initial score and what score you're hoping to reach ultimately.  Sessions are 1 1/2 hours each.  In between sessions you will need to take a full practice test. We will go over each section and you will learn specific strategies and content so that you will correct your mistakes and get more points with each weekly test.  Practice makes perfect AND practice makes permanent!  It is imperative that you take the practice tests seriously each week to practice what you've learned.  If you practice consistently and diligently, by the time you take the actual test everything you need to know will be well ingrained in your mind! 

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How do I decide between the SAT or ACT?

There are several factors to consider.  Now almost all schools take both exams.  Students who are really strong in Math tend to do well on the SAT.  Statistically, girls tend to score higher on the ACT.  In my opinion, the ACT is more straightforward, whereas the SAT tends to have more "tricks", especially in the math sections. The ACT has a Science section, the SAT doesn't.  However, it's an open book science test, so all the answers are in the passage, much like critical reading. The ACT allows a calculator and the SAT only allows it in certain sections. I'm happy to further discuss it with you to help you decide which exam is most advantageous for you!

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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There's no minimum.  You will tell us what your goals are and we will make a recommendation, but it's your choice!  

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