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School at Home Coaching

Schooling at Home can be challenging!  When you're feeling overwhelmed, put our expertise to work for you.


All sessions are ONE to ONE so you feel safe asking your most pressing challenges and concerns.  

You will get strategies and tips to tackle every obstacle. 

The coaching sessions are customizable; You may want one or two sessions, or ongoing mentoring and's entirely up to you!  

Homework Help
Customized Learning

There are a variety of learning options according to your  needs as a student.  We offer one-on-one teaching or you may join or even create a small class.  Additionally, learning may be done in-person or on-line. It's a great option for students pursuing professional or Olympic sports or the arts. We have taught many students who are gymnasts, snowboarders, skiers, and actors. The bottom line is that your schooling is flexible and personalized without sacrificing an excellent education!  

Charter and Home School classes​

Take a fun, informative class on Roman and Greek Civilizations, Latin, Ancient History, Greek and Latin Roots of English, Writing, or Mythology. You may even customize a class or seminar according to your interests!  All academic classes are designed to meet or exceed State standards and are open to grades three through twelve.  

I need help with Writing!

Is writing a struggle for you? Do you want to improve your skills? Aurea Academy will help you hone your writing skills and be a more confident writer. 


Need help writing an essay for school, college entrance essay, or writing a research paper?  We will help you with the entire writing process, from brainstorming to the final draft. 

Why Study Latin?

Latin is an important language to learn for many reasons, but especially because it greatly helps to increase linguistic skills, and it teaches students critical thinking skills that will help them with every area of study.

Latin is not really a dead language; it is just hidden in other languages. Over 70% of English is derived from strictly Latin roots. English vocabulary tests reveal that students who study Latin score higher than students of other foreign languages. When a student studies Latin first, any language he or she chooses to study next will be much easier, especially if it is one of the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Romanian, Italian, and Portuguese) because they derive as much as 90% of their vocabulary from Latin.



Another important reason to learn Latin is that it helps students to understand the culture of the western world better.   The study of Latin includes elements of Roman culture, law, poetry, literature, and history. If we want to comprehend our own culture, we must understand where we have come from. The Latin language dominated Western culture for well over 1,000 years. All scholarly writing was done in Latin regardless of the author's native tongue. 

I can think of several more reasons to study Latin...but my point is that Latin is far from "dead" and is still relevant in so many ways!  


 My daughter was so happy with her ACT score...and she got in to her top choice school!

--Shelly from Laguna Beach, Ca.



We really wanted our son to study Latin.  At first he was reluctant, afraid it would be too hard or boring.  But his attitude soon changed and he came to really enjoy it!  I'm so happy he has a great foundation for learning other languages, history, literature, biology...and most importantly it helped develop his critical thinking skills.  




I've never thought of myself as a good test taker, so I was really nervous about the SAT.  Rachel gave me great tools and made it as fun as possible.  I actually did better than I expected!

--Cathrine from Irvine, Ca.

— Michael from Newport Beach,Ca.


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